ICFS Chemical Anchor / Rebar Design

    ICFS Chemical Anchor / Rebar Design
    Anchor Design - Selection of chemical anchors, volume / quantity of ICFS chemical cartridges required. You can select the desired configuration, loads and concrete dimensions for fixing the anchor (s). Based on these the apps suggest size of the ICFS chemical anchor, required depth of hole in concrete, volume of ICFS chemical required and quantity of ICFS chemical cartridge required. ICFS chemical anchor design suggested are based on design load, spacing and edge distance factors.

    Anchor Design
    Design Resistance / Chemical consumption - Selection of ICFS chemical anchors in special cases involving non-load bearing layers. You can further refine selection of ICFS chemical anchors suggested in Anchor Design above if non-load bearing layers are involved while fixing.

    design resistance
    Concrete Cutting - ICFS concrete cutting area / volume Calculator. You can select the type of structures and dimensions to calculate concrete cutting area / volume.

    concrete cutting