Nylon Plugs - FD

Polymide PA6 nylon
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download pdf

Testing FD-Plug

material nylon

Varient Flush Head, Material Polyamide PA6 Nylon, FDK

nylon plugs fd

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• Suitable for wood and chipboard screws
• Sid-links stop plug from breaking open during insertion, ensuring positive action when screw is driven in
• Screw guide stops screw from penetrating sides, by ensuring positive tracking down entire length
• M-teeth combined with side-links and screw-guide, ensure entire plug face is forced against walls of hole, for enhanced grip in soft materials
• Offset block profile allows plug to hold firmly against sides of hole when expansion begins
• The wide neck is subject to no expansion pressure and prevents surface damage to tiles and plaster
• Can be used with wood and chipboard screws from 2.5mm to 1.2mm

nylon plugs - fd