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Drop In Anchor in Zinc - Plated Steel

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product code zinc plated

drop in anchors technical specifications table

• Flush surface finish means fixtures can be relocated easily material
• Versatile, Usable with standard metric bolts sets screws or studding
• Quick and easy to install
• No thread damage when hammering the Drop in Anchor into the drilled hole
• Stainless steel version available for corrosive environments
• No flared end for easy setting in greater depth
• Allows for shallow embedment without sacrificing performance
• Hammer set anchor with internal thread for prepositioned installation
• Suitable for all screws or studs with metric threads

For Fixing of
• Pipes and sprinkler systems
• Steel constructions
• Cable trays
• Suspended ceilings

Suitable for
• Non-cracked concrete = C12/15
• Natural stone with dense structure
• Anchoring light ceiling linings and suspended ceilings

drop in anchor application

DIA Anchors Installation

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drop in anchor installation products

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