Rebaring / Anchor Bolt Pull Out Testing Services

Rebaring Pull Out Testing Services, Anchor Bolt Pull Out Testing Services
We at Indo Spark Construction Services provide Rebaring Pull Out Testing Services, Anchor Bolt Pull Out Testing Services using specialized machines and equipment. Our setup is situated in Kolhapur, Pune (Maharashtra, India). At the site it is often seen that doing the tensile test on the anchors becomes very important. ICFS provides qualified personnel to perform the tests, which are carried out using equipment that is calibrated regularly. The anchors are then tested on site in the presence of the customer, according to specific requirements in terms of load to be achieved and the number of anchors to be tested. After the tests are completed a report containing the test data and results is provided.

• Determine the failure load of anchor or verification of supporting resistance of anchorage - by loading tests( stress test )
• Tests carried out with perfectly-calibrated test equipment and by competent and trained personnel
• Check the structural strength of the anchoring system or base material
• The report is specific to the test carried out
• Pull out test means calculate tensile load of bar by pull hydraulic machine

Test Evaluation Report

ICFS provide test evaluation report after the pullout test is done. This test evaluation is done by our extremely trained and competent Engineers. Test evaluation report helps in -
• Determination of resistance of the calculated results and
• It helps in verification of the quality :assessment and confirmation

Why Conduct Pull Out Testing?
• Need to carry out onsite testing for rebar and anchors if we don’t know the load capacity of a base material
• Onsite testing calculates the design resistance of a base material and can determine which anchor system is right to use for your installation
• Be sure that the load resistance and quality of a design is OK
• Determine the resistance values of an unknown base material or of base materials
• Check the quality and safety of post-installed rebar and fastening systems after installation, by testing part of the installation.

How It Work?
• Pull out testing involves attaching a small piece of equipment to the exterior bolt, nut, screw or fixing
• This is then pulled to the designated stress load level to determine how strong and secure the fixing is
• This type of test enables early diagnosis of potential strength problems